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APWU News Bulletin

Delegates Take to the Streets:

Save Saturday Service!

08/25/2010 - Thousands of APWU members, led by union president William Burrus and the Rev. Jesse Jackson, marched through the streets of downtown Detroit on Tuesday afternoon to Save Saturday Service and rally for good jobs.

ALSO: Clerk Division delegates discussed job security at their pre-convention conference on Aug. 21 and 22, debating resolutions and discussing officers’ reports about issues affecting the craft. Motor Vehicle Services Division delegates discussed several urgent topics at their pre-convention conference Aug. 21 and 22.

AND: A distinguished group of national officers who will retire at the end of their term in November were honored by convention delegates on Aug. 23. Together, they have given 179 years of service to the members of the APWU. 

APWU Web News Article 117-2008

Arbitrator Rules Tour 1 Casuals May Work After 5 a.m.

12/03/2008 - In a national-level award, Arbitrator Shyam Das has ruled that Tour 1 casuals may continue to work past 5 a.m., concluding that the intent of the 2006-2010 Collective Bargaining Agreement is to prevent management from assigning casuals starting times between the hours of 5 a.m. and noon.

The dispute arose following negotiations for the 2006-2010 Collective Bargaining Agreement, which included a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) regarding the use of supplemental work-force employees and the conversion of Clerk Craft Part-Time Flexibles.

APWU Web News Article 116-2008

Crawford Wins Clerk NBA Election

11/26/2008 - Jack Crawford has won the race for Clerk Division National Business Agent in the Dallas region, defeating Jeane Gardiner and Paul R. Manley, 1624-803-1211. The race was a re-run of a contest originally held in November 2007, as part of the election of more than 80 national officers. Jack Crawford won last year’s race against Claudia Richardson, 1,836-1,716. Richardson was not eligible to run for office this year, so nominations were re-opened.

The new election was conducted under the supervision of the Department of Labor, in accordance with the Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act. The APWU agreed to re-run the election to resolve an investigation by the agency. 

APWU Web News Article 114-2008

Union Files Unfair Labor Practice Charge Over Elimination of Tour 2

11/25/2008 - The APWU has filed an Unfair Labor Practice charge against the Postal Service, alleging that management failed to bargain over a nationwide plan to consolidate mail processing into two tours — a plan that would eliminate or greatly reduce the number of assignments on Tour 2. The charge, filed Nov. 25 with the National Labor Relations Board, also asserts that the Postal Service failed to provide information to the union regarding this initiative.

In addition, the union contends that it “can show that the Postal Service answered the Union’s request for information dishonestly,” which constitutes an independent violation of management’s obligation to bargain in good faith.

APWU Web News Article 107-2008

Clerk NBA Election Re-Run

Department of Labor Extends Deadline to Nov. 25

11/10/2008 - The U.S. Department of Labor, which is supervising a re-run election of the race for Clerk Division National Business Agent for the Dallas Region, has announced it will extend the deadline for returning ballots until 10:45 a.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 25.

Ballots for the re-run election were initially sent to eligible voters on Oct. 21, 2008, but it was discovered that some of the mailings mistakenly included a single-window business reply envelope for returning the ballots, rather than a double-window business reply envelope. New ballots were mailed on Tuesday, Nov. 4.

APWU Web News Article 103-2008

Union Requests Documentation Of Supervisors Performing Bargaining Unit Work in Small Offices

11/05/2008 - APWU President William Burrus has asked the Postal Service to provide documentation that will help the union track the amount of craft work performed by supervisors in small offices.

In a letter dated Oct. 31, the union president asked the USPS to identify:

  • All Level 15, 16, 17, and 18 offices by name and finance number;
  • The number of career Clerk Craft employees by category for each Accounting Period in Fiscal Years 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008; 
  • The number of non-bargaining unit employees by category in each office for the same period;
  • The total number of Clerk Craft bargaining unit work hours performed by non-bargaining unit employees.
APWU News Bulletin

Custodial Employees to Share in Long-Awaited Remedy

Union Wins $48 Million Settlement in MS-47 Handbook Grievance

01/30/2008 - The APWU and the Postal Service finalized a $48 million payout Jan. 29 to “remedy” the USPS violation of staffing procedures for custodial employees. The settlement will be in the form of lump-sum payments of $2,700 to more than 17,000 employees occupying custodial positions. Payment will be made by April 18, 2008.

APWU Web News Article 09-2008

Union, USPS Sign Agreement For Offices Without a Local Union Structure

01/28/2008 - The APWU signed a landmark agreement Jan. 25, for Members-at-Large who work in small post offices and are not represented by a local union.

The agreement, the Local Memorandum of Understanding for Offices Without a Local Union Structure [PDF], outlines the rules for these small offices on topics that are typically the subject of negotiations at the local level between USPS managers and union officers.