Organizers' Tool Kit

This page provides resources for APWU organizers. If you do not find what you're looking for, please contact the Organization Department.


Welcome to the APWU Book                                        PSE Rights and Benefits at a Glance Brochure 



    Join the APWU 1187                                                           Organizing Materials Order Form  



PSE Shared Services Health Plan Letter                              PSEs and the APWU Health Benefits         



New Member Orientation Checklist                                       New Employee Orientation Agreement 



Membership Reports Order Form                                               Benefits At a Glance for Career Employees
                                                                                                            Welcome to Career Status in the Clerk Craft 
                                                                                                      Welcome to Career Status in the Maintenance Craft 
                                                                                               Welcome to Career Status in the Motor Vehicle Service Craft 



Voluntary Benefits Brochure



Union Plus Benefits Brochure                                               Union Plus Benefits Brochure - en Español



   APWU Member Lanyard                                                                       APWU Badge Holder


 AFL-CIO organizer training programs 

 The APWU encourages union members who want to become organizers or sharpen their organizing skills to attend training  offered by the AFL-CIO Organizing Institute.

 The AFL-CIO Organizing Institute is a selective program that includes two-day member trainings and three-day trainings for  organizers.

 For more information or to apply online, click here or contact the institute's office AFL-CIO Organizing Institute National Office,  at 815 Sixteenth St. NW, Washington, DC 20006 or (800) 848-3021