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RSS Web Syndication Technology

What It Is

RSS stands for “really simple syndication” and it’s an easy way to keep abreast of what’s new on the APWU Web site, www.apwu.org. Using software that can be downloaded for free, you can subscribe to an APWU RSS feed, which will give you the latest headlines from the APWU, along with summaries and links to the full story on the APWU Web site.

How to Get It

To subscribe to the APWU’s RSS feed, you will need to install one of the many simple and free (or inexpensive) RSS feed readers available on the Internet. After installing a feed reader, you can subscribe to a feed in either of two ways:

  • You can add our feed to your reader directly by typing in the link: e.g. www.apwu.org/indexrss.xml; or

  • You can click on the orange box on our site and copy and paste the address from your browsers address bar into your feed reader. Some feed readers will automatically recognize when an RSS feed is available on a page and allow you to subscribe at the click of a button. Check the documentation that came with your feed reader.
  • Note: If you don't already have a feed reader installed on your computer, clicking on the orange box will open the feed file in your browser. If your browser is unable to display the feed, you will see raw XML code. Don't let it scare you. This just means you need a feed reader.

Some of the most popular feed readers and links to where to get them are listed below:

Active Web Reader









(for mobile devices)


(for Mac OS X)




Radio UserLand


(for Mac OS X)




For Webmasters

If you are a Webmaster, you can add the APWU’s feed to your Web site. (This is the syndication part of RSS). By adding the feed to your Web site, you can provide your readers with the latest news from the APWU Web site. If you need help adding an RSS feed to your site, there are a number of Web sites you can visit. A few are listed below:

RSS Specifications.com - Displaying RSS Feeds

allRSS.com - RSS Compendium

FeedforAll.com - Displaying RSS Feeds

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