LMOU Negotiations

This page contains resources that you may find useful during local negotiations to change or establish a Local Memorandum of Understanding. The documents “Union Status Sheet” and “Employer Status Sheet” are not required. They are only provided in case you determine to use them as part of your note taking process. The Impasse Form is required in order to appeal items to the impasse process. Please note this form was updated on March 10, 2022. If you downloaded the impasse form prior to that date, please download and use the updated version.   

The list of documents includes February/March 2022 (22-01 issue of the Collective Bargaining Report (CBR). Each Local and State Organization will receive some copies of this CBR in the mail when printing is complete. The PDF linked below can be downloaded and is searchable. In the CBR there are arbitration decisions that are related to the 22 locally negotiable items listed in Article 30. Copies of those arbitration awards are available in APWU SEARCH. If you need access to APWU SEARCH please click here and read the article for full instructions. 

Also included is the MOU Re: Timeline for Local Implementation that establishes the dates for the local negotiation period, impasse submission, and appeals to arbitration. It should be noted that the Appeal to Impasse date of August 12, 2022, is the same date as the 2022 Pre-Convention Workshops prior to the 2022 National Convention. The 2021-2024 LMOU for Offices Without a Local Union Structure is also being made available for your reference. It was negotiated at the National Level for offices that do not fall under a local and do not have an existing LMOU in place. If other documents or resources are determined to be of relevance to the negotiations process, the list will be updated.  

Updated March 10, 2022