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Bernie Sanders to Postal Service: Relaxed Mail Standards ‘a Disaster’
Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders said Wednesday that the Postal Service caused a “disaster that is negatively impacting Americans all over this country” when it shuttered more than 140 mail-sorting plants and slowed delivery times to cut costs.

Post Office Can’t Even Meet Its Own Lower Standards as Late Mail Soars
Amid a significant downsizing of the money-strapped U.S. Postal Service, the number of letters arriving late has jumped by almost 50 percent since the start of the year. And that’s as measured against the agency’s own newly relaxed standards.

Standing Up for Rural Postal Delivery
The Center for Rural Affairs has signed letters of support for continuing reliable, affordable six-day mail delivery, and for HR 54, which would restore service standards to those in use before last January’s reductions.

AFL-CIO Blog: Back to School Shopping? Skip Staples and
It's important to choose wisely—and to boycott products from companies that seem to go out of their way to hurt working families.