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Postal News Roundup

Dead Tree Edition: Turnover Rising Among Non-Career Postal Workers
“Plagued by increasing turnover among non-career employees, postal officials are trying to stem the tide with new management incentives and an overhauled orientation program. The average annual turnover rate among non-career employees rose from 38.69% in FY2015 to 42.82% last year, the U.S. Postal Service reported earlier this month. Postal officials had set a target of 34.8% for FY2016. Turnover was worst among City Carrier Assistants (CCAs), rising from 54.24% to 59.66%. Among the other three major non-career categories, turnover for Rural Carrier Associates rose from 30.1% to 35.29%, for Postal Support Employees remained stable at 36.6%, and for Mail Handler Assistants increased from 29.86% to 37.67%...” 

NL Times: Dutch Postal Service to Cut Another 2,000 jobs
“In the next four years PostNL will be cutting another 2 thousand jobs while accelerating the company's transformation into a parcel delivery specialist, the Dutch postal service announced with its annual figures on Monday, ANP reports. Up until the end of 2020 between 500 and 600 full time jobs will disappear annually from the Dutch mail division. According to CEO Herna Verhagen, there will only be a few forced dismissals. Most employees will be stepping down willingly or reassigned. In the same period 1,600 new jobs will be created in the package division. According to PostNL, the further job cuts are necessary because the postal market keeps shrinking. In the last quarter of 2016 PostNL processed 8 percent less mail than in the same quarter in 2015. This was offset by package delivery increasing by 13 percent. PostNL believes that package delivery will continue to increase in the coming period due to the rise in online shopping…”

Korea Times: Koreans being overworked to death in 'kwarosa'
“Korea Post says average annual working hours for postal workers in 2016 was 2,531 hours, or 48.7 hours a week ― 8.7 hours more than the national standard. But Korean Postal Workers' Union chief Kim Myung-hwan questioned the figure's credibility. With help from a Korea Labor Institute survey, he argued that the employees actually worked more than 55.1 hours a week. ‘Among 190 Korea Post employees who died in the past five years, 150 were in their 40-50s and over 85 were postal workers. Iit shows that the service industry's occupational hazards are very severe,’ Kim said. Rep. Lee Jung-mi from the minor opposition Justice Party said most of the nine postal workers who died in 2016 frequently worked overtime, more than 12 hours a day.”