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Family: West Virginia Postal Worker Dies After Collapsing on Route

13 News - WOWK - “Family members confirm to 13 News that a loved one who is a postal worker died while delivering mail, after collapsing on a front porch…Charleston Fire says that a postal worker was transported to an area hospital after receiving a call that someone passed out from heat exhaustion. Family members identify that man as Ronnie Bowles. Family members tell us he was working Tuesday afternoon on Virginia Avenue in Kanawha City, when he collapsed on a the porch of a residence.”

Letter Opposing NLRB Nominations of Marvin Kaplan and William Emanuel

AFL-CIO - “Working people depend on the National Labor Relations Board to protect their right to organize with their co-workers and advocate for improvements at work through collective bargaining with their employers. These rights – established by the National Labor Relations Act of 1935, whose purpose was and remains to encourage and promote the practice of collective bargaining – are more important now than ever, with incomes stagnant and wealth increasingly going to the top 1%. Without a private right of action, working people must depend on the NLRB to enforce their rights. The NLRB’s decisions and actions have a significant impact on the lives of working Americans. By tradition, Presidents appoint a majority of members to the NLRB from their own political party, and in keeping with that tradition, President Trump has appointed two Republicans – former Republican Hill staffer Marvin Kaplan and longtime management lawyer William Emanuel -- to the two vacant seats on the NLRB. Unfortunately, after reviewing their records and statements at their confirmation hearing, the AFL-CIO has concluded that we must oppose these nominees and urge the Senate to reject these nominations.”

Labor union says Amazon-Whole Foods merger could lead to job automation

The Hill - “The United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW) urged the agency to look at the potential implications for jobs that the merger could have. The union argued that Amazon’s acquisition of the company could lead to automation of many retail jobs at the national chain.”

Trumpcare dies in the Senate, the people fight on

People’s World - “Activists and advocates for better U.S. health care vowed to keep the pressure on Congress after two more Senate Republicans’ defections killed the latest GOP plan to repeal and allegedly replace the Affordable Care Act, the nation’s 7-year-old comprehensive health care law. That’s because the defeat of the Republicans’ measure led its sponsor, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Kent.”

House Republicans unveil budget blueprint that boosts military spending and favors Medicare cuts

Los Angeles Times - “House Republicans on Tuesday unveiled a 10-year budget blueprint that would dramatically increase military spending while putting the GOP on record favoring Medicare cuts opposed by President Trump. The GOP plan, authored by Budget Committee Chairwoman Diane Black (R-Tenn.), would also pave the way for overhauling the U.S. tax code this fall, and would pair that effort with cuts to benefit programs such as food stamps. It also lays out a path to balance the budget inside a decade through deep cuts to a wide swath of domestic programs — though GOP leaders have no intention of actually carrying out the cuts.”

Analysis | Trump has repeatedly broken his core campaign promise

The Washington Post - “Where exactly are the deals? ... Trump has repeatedly broken his core campaign promise. The inside track on Washington politics.”

Brazil: Political coup followed by labour market putsch

UNI Global Union – Brazil - “UNI Global Union and its 20 million members are deeply concerned at the decision of the Brazilian government and its congress to implement draconian changes to the country’s labour laws. This from a government that has won its place by what amounts to a coup against the former President Dilma. These laws will have dramatic and drastic implications for both workers and trade unions by impeding workers’ rights to be represented by unions and take part in collective bargaining. The laws will promote flexible working hours, including zero-hour contracts that are skewered in favour of the companies and penalize workers.”

Parcels and Politics Help to Lift Royal Mail Revenue

The New York Times – United Kingdom - “Election-related letters and growth from its continental European parcel business helped Britain's Royal Mail to eke out a 1 percent gain in first-quarter revenue, the resilience boosting its shares. After years of underinvestment, the former monopoly was privatised in 2013 and has since reduced layers of management, upgraded technology and cut its property bill. However, the company was left struggling last year as its domestic parcels business faced stiff competition and as uncertainty following Britain's vote to leave the European Union worsened the rate of decline in its letters business.” (See also: UPDATE 1-Parcels and politics help to lift Royal Mail revenue)

Unions, communities in U.S. embrace Cuban labor leader

Workers World – Cuba - “Victor Manuel Lemagne Sánchez, secretary general of Cuba’s hotel and tourism union and elected delegate to Cuba’s National Assembly, recently completed a triumphant two-week tour of 11 U.S. cities. After landing in northern California on June 27, Lemagne Sánchez concluded his travels in the Baltimore/Washington, D.C., area on July 11.” (See also: Cuban union leader gets ‘attentive and exciting reception’)

Postmasters warn postal network will collapse over new contracts

Breaking News - Ireland - “The Government has been warned that more post offices will close around the country, because postmasters cannot make a living from the business. Postmasters are holding a protest outside the Department of Communications at noon today seeking the involvement of the Minister in their stalled talks with An Post. The Union pulled out of talks because it says a new contract on offer from the company will see them losing earnings. Ned O'Hara, General Secretary of the Irish Postmasters' Union, says the situation is bleak for his members.”