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Postal News Roundup

This Old Post Office

USPS OIG - “It makes no difference what part of the country you’re in, post offices nationwide are in need of upkeep and repair. A majority of post office lobbies we reviewed in the Eastern Area have many of the same problems found in other areas. We are nearly done with our series of audits on postal retail facility conditions in all seven U.S. Postal Service areas, which we reviewed to determine if USPS management is adhering to building maintenance and to standards for safety, security standards, and employee working conditions.”

OSHA complaint may have led to closure

Southwest Times - “A complaint made by a postal service employee may have prompted the temporary emergency closure of Pulaski Post Office. Leni Fortson, a federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) spokesperson, said OSHA received a complaint from a USPS employee June 15 alleging there is mold, lead paint and broken asbestos floor tiles in the Washington Avenue facility.”

Legislation Introduced to Make Federal Employees ‘At-Will’ Employees

FedSmith - “Legislation was recently introduced to make federal workers “at-will” employees, meaning they could be removed or suspended from their jobs, without notice or right to appeal. The Promote Accountability and Government Efficiency Act (H.R. 3257) was introduced by Congressman Todd Rokita (R-IN)… Rokita introduced similar legislation in a previous session of Congress, but it ultimately failed to advance.”

Trump’s OSHA Slashes Many Worker Safety Rulemaking Plans

Bloomberg BNA - “The Trump administration has slashed several worker safety rulemakings, following through on the president’s vows to reduce regulations.”

Senate healthcare bill appears headed for failure

The Hill - “Senate Republicans plan to vote this week on revised healthcare reform legislation, but a number of serious problems mean that the chances of getting that bill passed are slim to none. The latest wallop of bad news for Republicans came Friday when the Senate parliamentarian announced that key provisions of the revised bill would not pass muster under the special budgetary rules that Republicans are using to pass the legislation with a simple majority instead of 60 votes.”

California’s Farms Face Serious Labor Shortage

NBC Nightly News - “Farms across the state are facing a serious labor shortage — 9 in 10 farm workers in California are foreign-born, many from Mexico. According to the PEW Research Center, more Mexican immigrants are leaving the U.S. than arriving.”

Financiers are now controlling public works, much to the public’s confusion

The Conversation – Canada - “In the 1990s the large, nationally owned British Railways was split off into dysfunctionally separate entities and sold off to private owners in a world-famous example of complete privatization. During the recent British election, polls revealed that most citizens now support the Labour Party’s promise to renationalize the system. This may not seem very relevant to Canadians, because we never went through wholesale privatization — in part because we never had the wholesale nationalizations that Britain had in the 1950s. But suddenly these international debates have indeed become relevant to Canada, although the issues here are being obscured by the downright Orwellian terminology used by infrastructure insiders. In Canada, outright privatization was promoted in the mid-1990s by the neoconservative government of Ontario Premier Mike Harris. But one of the first instances of infrastructure privatization, southern Ontario’s 407 toll highway, proved to be a disaster and so enthusiasm quickly faded.”