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Postal News Roundup

South Florida Business Journal: American Postal Workers Union Hopes to Nix Office Depot Acquisition
The APWU is taking a strong stance against the Office Depot and Staples acquisition because it would be detrimental to consumers, said Richard Shelley, at a briefing following the meeting of Office Depot’s shareholders.

North Platte Bulletin: Regulators: ‘No Jurisdiction’ to Overturn Post Office Move
One commissioner strongly disagreed with the majority decision, saying dismissal of the appeal without more information from the postal service is unfair and contributes to public mistrust.

Los Angeles Daily News: Editorial: California Should Endorse Vote by Mail Plan
No long lines, or scarily nonexistent lines, at the polling place. But a proposal last week to go to postal voting here made by California Secretary of State Alex Padilla is not based primarily on either time or money. Instead, Padilla’s plan is to get more of us voting in the first place.