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Postal service blows it! Why Wal-Mart and Google are cleaning its clock - Salon
Citing Postmaster General Donahoe’s refusal to embrace postal banking, Salon writer David Dayen suggests he should be relieved of his position. “Some of the largest corporations in America have figured out that expanding banking access for underserved communities makes sense, and have taken steps to fill the need. T-Mobile, Wal-Mart and Google have all begun to move into the financial services arena, with prepaid debit cards to which customers can add money. These companies are threatening to pass by the postal service – which can still get into the mix, but the clock is ticking fast,” he notes. “Donahoe has continued his ‘innovations’ for dealing with the post office’s Congressionally-created budget deficit through branch closures, proposed service disruptions and privatization. The good news is that the regime can be changed.”