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Senators Wary of Postal DelaysThe Pueblo Chieftain
Colorado’s delegation to the U.S. Senate warned the U.S. Postal Service this week that its consolidation of processing centers could impact elections. Democrats Michael Bennet and Mark Udall joined three colleagues from Oregon and California in the letter, while Udall pointed to a recent example in Conejos County. “In states like ours, where many residents rely on vote-by-mail for their federal, state and local elections, consolidation of postal facilities could pose a serious threat to citizens’ access to the democratic process,” the letter said. Two years ago, the postal service closed a string of mail processing centers across the county, including one in Alamosa. 

Post Office Paid $287K for Trucks It Can’t FindCNBC
A report in Government Executive this morning notes that while USPS spends about $39 million a year to rent 10,000 trailers—the cargo bodies of its trucks—it also leased 35 trailers in fiscal years 2011 and 2012 to a distribution center in New Jersey. "There was one problem with these particular trailers, however: The Postal Service had no idea where they were, according to the agency's inspector general, or if it ever even received them from the leasing company."

Strike a Blow for Democracy - Save Canyon's Post OfficeSFGate
What such foolhardiness signals is not prudent government cost-cutting, but a continuing slide toward the privatization of our national resources. We're already selling our forests to timber companies and privatizing our national campgrounds. Now we're downsizing our democracy in the way companies downsize their workforces and products. It's important to remember that we as Americans own these resources - timber, wilderness and post offices. Yet the government is selling them off like items on eBay, and we're not getting a percentage.