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Below is a response by former APWU President William Burrus to a question posed online by a union member. Other questions cover a wide range of topics, from contract enforcement to union governance.

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I am what I call a “rare” postal employee in that I am a conservative. I don’t like my union dues being used to support political candidates who I disagree with. Isn’t there a form I can fill out requesting that my dues not be used for things that I oppose?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind paying my dues. I do mind, however, giving financial aid to candidates that I would not normally support.

Name Withheld, Indianapolis Area Local

President Burrus:

Thank you for expressing your concerns regarding the use of union dues to support candidates who you disagree with. I can assure you that your dues are not used in support of any candidates, those you agree with or those you disagree with.

The union’s Committee on Political Action (COPA) is the fund that is used to provide financial support to candidates, and contributions to this account are completely voluntary and totally separate from union dues.

I respect your right to support or oppose candidates based upon your personal beliefs, and assure you that your union dues are not used against your interests.

I would welcome the opportunity to engage you in dialogue about candidates you support or oppose, but that should be a private conversation unrelated to your union affiliation.

May 8, 2007

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