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The APWU represents clerk, maintenance, and motor vehicles craft employees at 21 Bulk Mail Centers in metropolitan areas around the country.

The BMCs are unique: They were established in 1974 to process large parcels, and the mechanized equipment required to sort the oversized packages created working conditions unlike those at other postal facilities.

BMC employees faced other unusual circumstances as well: The parcel sorting operations were moved from other facilities, so a large percentage of the original BMC employees were involuntarily transferred, or excessed, into their assignments.

When the BMCs were established, union members were faced with a choice regarding representation: they had to decide whether to become part of established APWU locals or create new ones. Members at half the BMCs petitioned the union’s National Executive Board for authority to create their own locals, while workers at the remaining BMCs became part of existing locals.

In 1980, BMC locals submitted a resolution to the APWU National Convention, seeking to establish regular meetings to address the unusual problems faced by their members. The resolution was adopted unanimously. Bulk Mail Center representatives meet each year to discuss issues of special concern to BMC employees.

Bulk Mail Center Locations

The APWU represents clerk, maintenance, and motor vehicles craft employees at 21 Bulk Mail Centers in metropolitan areas around the country. The APWU locals that represent employees at BMCs are:

Atlanta Metro Area Local
Chicago BMC Area Local
Dallas Area Local
Denver BMC Local
Des Moines BMC Local
Detroit District Area Local
East Bay (CA) Area Local
Greater Los Angeles Area Local 
Greensboro (NC) BMC
Jacksonville (FL) BMC 
Kansas Kaw Valley Area
Memphis Area Local
Minneapolis Area Local
Nation’s Capital/Southern MD Area Local
New York Metro Area Local
Philadelphia BMC Local
Pittsburgh Metro Area Local 
Seattle BMC Local
Springfield Mass Area Local
St. Louis BMC Local 
Tri-County Ohio Area Local

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To submit questions or comments about issues of specific concern to Bulk Mail Center employees — as well as the union's efforts to keep the BMC work in-house — send an e-mail to

News: Bulk Mail Centers

APWU News Bulletin

State of the Union Address

‘Our Union is Alive and Strong’

08/24/2010 - APWU President William Burrus told delegates to the 20th Biennial National Convention that the union is “alive and strong.”

ALSO: Delegates to the APWU National Convention got down to business on the meeting’s opening day, voting on more than 90 resolutions that were submitted to the union’s Labor-Management Committee.

AND: Many delegates arrived in Detroit a few days early to attend the Bulk Mail Centers (BMC) conference on Aug. 20.

APWU Web News Article 063-2010

OSHA Safety Citations Update

OSHA Fines USPS for Safety Violations at Minneapolis/St. Paul NDC

06/29/2010 - Adding to the growing number of safety citations issued to the Postal Service in recent weeks, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) fined the USPS $210,000 for exposing employees to electrical hazards at the Minneapolis/St. Paul (MN) Network Distribution Center (NDC).

Defending the BMCs

01/01/2009 - First off, I want to wish everyone the happiest and healthiest New Year…

On a more somber note, however, we see that the Postal Service has begun to act on its strategic plan to contract out our parcel-post business to private companies. They have asked mailing companies to describe how they would handle the distribution and transportation of parcel mail, and to bid on the work, which is currently performed by union members at Bulk Mail Centers.

APWU Web News Article 83-2008

Congressman, Postal Workers Protest BMC Privatization

09/15/2008 - Rep. Patrick Murphy (D-PA) joined more than 100 postal workers and their families at a press conference outside the Philadelphia Bulk Mail Center Sept. 12, protesting plans to privatize operations at the nation’s 21 BMCs. Outsourcing the work would hurt service and result in a loss of union jobs, they said. The Postal Service announced plans to subcontract work performed at the BMCs in January.