Support the Postal Employees Relief Fund

Damages caused by Hurricane Sandy have created severe hardships for workers in several Northeastern states — including many postal workers.

Pay Raise Set for Nov. 17

APWU-represented postal employees will receive an increase in their annual salaries effective Nov. 17 — the first in three years. ALSO: President Cliff Guffey is asking APWU members to contribute to relief efforts to help the victims of Hurricane...

APWU Members Encouraged To Contribute to Postal Employees’ Relief Fund

In the wake of the deadliest tornado outbreak in U.S. history, APWU members are encouraged to contribute to the Postal Employees’ Relief Fund (PERF) to provide assistance to those impacted by the storms.

APWU Health Plan Alters Benefits To Aid Midwest Flood Victims

The APWU Health Plan is offering proactive support to members of the plan who are being impacted by severe flooding in Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, and Wisconsin. The adjustments are for healthcare coverage from June 13 to July 9.  “The Health Plan has...

Postal Relief Fund Available to Flood Victims

Hundreds of volunteers place sandbags along the levee in Cedar Falls, IA, June 10, 2008. (Photo: FEMA) Postal employees whose property was damaged or destroyed due to recent flooding in Iowa and other parts of the Midwest are eligible to apply for...