MVS Continues the Fight for Administrative, Technical Jobs

The union is pursuing our demand that management create at least 60 new administrative and technical duty assignments in the Motor Vehicle Service Craft, as required by the 2010-2015 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). Four years after signing...

‘Fighting for our Survival’

“We’re fighting for our lives, fighting for our very survival” said Motor Vehicle Director Michael Foster on Saturday, July 19 in his report at the opening of the MVS Craft Conference in Chicago. “Contracting out of Postal Vehicle Services (PVS) and...

MVS Craft Forms Jobs Committee

The Motor Vehicle Service Craft has established a committee to help develop strategies to fight the outsourcing of MVS jobs and to help locals enforce the MVS Jobs Memorandum of Understanding, MVS Craft Director Mike Foster has announced.

Motor Vehicle Subcontracting On Hold Until March 4

In response to an APWU request, the Postal Service has agreed to postpone any mode conversions of Postal Vehicle Service sites to Highway Contract Routes (HCRs) at least until March 4, when an arbitration decision on the issue is expected, APWU...

330 Motor Vehicle Jobs Returned to APWU Bargaining Unit

The Motor Vehicle Service Division of the APWU has received from the USPS a list of 330 new duty assignments [PDF] that will be converted from Highway Contract Routes (HCR) to the Postal Vehicle Service (PVS).