House Passes Bill to Fire Tax-Delinquent Federal, Postal Workers

The House of Representatives passed a bill on July 31 that could cost federal and postal workers their jobs if they are behind in paying their federal taxes.

Phased Retirement Approved For Postal, Federal Employees

A recent highway funding law contains a provision of special interest to postal and federal employees: The legislation authorizes federal agencies to allow full-time retirement-eligible employees to opt for “phased retirement.”

GOP Votes Pay Cut For Postal, Federal Workers

The House of Representatives voted for a 5 percent cut in postal and federal workers’ pay on May 10 by approving an increase in employees' pension contributions.

House Panel Approves Increase In Federal Employees' Pension Payments

A House committee approved a GOP proposal on April 26 that would increase federal employees' contributions to their pensions by 5 percent over five years, beginning in 2013.

New Hires to Pay More, Current Workers Still Threatened

Current postal and federal employees won’t have to pay more for their retirement benefits in order to fund an extension of the 2 percent payroll-tax holiday passed by the Congress last week, but new government workers will be required to pay 1.5...