Recent Ruling Favors Retirees Who Were Injured on the Job

If you are a retiree who was partially disabled by a work-related injury, you want to make sure that your retirement annuity was computed accurately. A recent decision by the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) should ensure that you get the...

Recognizing, Avoiding Burnout

Burnout is a state of emotional and physical exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. It can occur when you feel overwhelmed and unable to meet constant demands.

Effective Time-Management

The first step in managing your time effectively is to identify your goals and priorities. You must decide what you want out of life, and what you must do to get what you want.

Starting a Small Business

Starting a business is an exciting proposition, but it’s also an incredibly challenging undertaking.

Long-Term Care Insurance Update

The Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program (FLTCIP) was created by the Long Term Care Security Act, which was signed into law by President Clinton on Sept. 19, 2000. Fifteen months later, the Office of Personnel Management selected John Hancock...