Identity Theft: A Growing Problem

When someone uses your name, address, Social Security number, bank or credit card account number, or other identifying information without your knowledge, it is called identity theft and incidences of fraud and other crimes related to it are on the...

Retirement Systems Modernization

Among the most difficult decisions that employees have to make are those regarding retirement. Many APWU members wait too long to gather and study the information needed to make good post-career choices.

Sexual Harassment

In Fiscal Year 2008, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission received approximately 14,000 charges of sexual harassment; nearly 12,000 were resolved. Victims received more than $47 million in damages, with some aggrieved individuals obtaining...

Right-to-Work? – Wrong!

"Right-to-work” sure sounds good. But “right-to-work” laws, which are being promoted and passed in many states around the country, are wrong for workers and wrong for America. These laws make it optional for workers covered by union contracts to...

Dealing With Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is on the rise in the United States. In all cultures the perpetrators of domestic violence are usually men and the victims are almost always women.