Department & Division News

IT/AS Contract Negotiations Update

By Steve Brooks
Director, Support Services Division 

I would like to start off by thanking members for their patience and dedication over the past months. I know everyone is anxious to get a new collective bargaining agreement. The process has had its ups and downs but we continue to make progress.

It is heartening and helpful to see members at our centers/facilities taking an active role by spreading the word, wearing buttons and t-shirts and demonstrating to local management our determination to get a fair contract. This is the solidarity that will get us a decent contract for all.

As most members know, in each round of bargaining we find ourselves battling with the Postal Service over the same issues. Both parties have stated a preference for a voluntary negotiated deal and progress continues. These negotiations are challenging; however, so long as progress is being made I believe it is in our best interest to continue to negotiate.

I have been updating your local Presidents and Craft Directors as progress is made.