Union Arbitrates PVS To HCR Conversion

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In a recent national-level hearing before Arbitrator Shyam Das, the APWU challenged the Postal Service’s decision to contract out the entire Postal Vehicle Service operations in Columbus OH.

Throughout the entire grievance process, the USPS asserted that management was entitled to implement “mode conversions” — a complete conversion of an installation from PVS to HCR — under Article 32.2 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

The APWU’s position has consistently been that mode conversions have a significant impact on the bargaining unit. As such, the USPS must adhere to Article 32.1.B when considering converting the Columbus PVS operations.

The hearing has closed and, as we go to press, the parties are reviewing the transcript and submitting post-hearing briefs.

Arbitrator Das upheld the union’s position.

The ruling gives locals a tool to fight for the creation of additional duty assignments by ensuring they are aware of subcontracting decisions.

In the Motor Vehicle Service Craft, notification to locals could result in challenges to the subcontracting of preventive maintenance inspections and repairs, and emergency and temporary subcontracting of Highway Contract Routes, as well as other work.

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