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330 Motor Vehicle Jobs Returned to APWU Bargaining Unit

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09/23/2011 - The Motor Vehicle Service Division of the APWU has received from the USPS a list of 330 new duty assignments that will be converted from Highway Contract Routes (HCR) to the Postal Vehicle Service (PVS).

The assignments are part of the 600 HCR routes that the union and management agreed would be turned over to the APWU bargaining unit during negotiations over the 2010-2015 Collective Bargaining Agreement.

The 330 assignment are from 56 routes that are being returned to the PVS. Both the USPS and APWU agree that this is a partial list, and that the remaining duty assignments will be converted as well.

The conversion of 330 duty assignments gives more work to APWU members than has been converted from HCR to PVS in the entire history of the APWU.

The MVS Division is requesting more information on the duty assignments.  The document generates more questions than answers, but it is a starting point.  As MVS receives answers, we will release them to National Business Agents and the field.