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Constitution Committee Reviews Convention Resolutions

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06/18/2008 - The union’s Constitution Committee convened at APWU headquarters in Washington, DC, on June 16 to begin reviewing resolutions submitted by APWU state and local unions to amend the APWU Constitution and Bylaws. The resolutions will be debated and voted on by delegates to the union’s 19th Biennial National Convention in Las Vegas, Aug. 18-22, 2008.

The committee is analyzing more than 100 measures that were referred to it by the convention’s resolution Screening Committee, which met last week. The panel will evaluate the resolutions and may make recommendations for or against adoption by the convention. 

The resolutions include a variety of proposals designed to streamline national union operations and enhance representation for APWU members, reports committee chairperson Kevin Gallagher. 

In assessing whether a resolution merits the delegates’ approval, the committee considers the implications and likely results, he noted. The panel may solicit input from the union’s resident officers or consult the APWU’s lawyers. 

The committee analyzes the proposed constitutional changes and attempts to identify the benefits and drawbacks for each before recommending support or rejection for each resolution, Gallagher said. “But it will be the delegates to the convention who will decide whether or not to adopt them.” 

The APWU Constitution and Bylaws govern the union, outlining its structure, rules, and dues, as well as the rights of members and the responsibilities of officers.

Constitution Committee members (seated, left to right) Beverly Shealy, Cleveland Area Local Retiree Chapter; Pat Ahern, Manchester Area Local;
Carolyn Pierce, Broward County Area Local; Cindy Martinez, Texas Postal Workers Union; Yolanda Elder, Los Angeles Area Local; and Mary Lou
Pavoggi, Phoenix Metro Area Local; (standing, left to right) Alex Aleman, San Antonio Alamo Area Local; Richard Phillips, Tampa Area Local;
John Zamudio, Saint Charles MO Area Local; Kevin Gallagher, Committee Chair, Scranton Local; Michael Sullivan, Suncoast Area Local;
John Olive, Pensacola Area Local; Bob Johnson, Greater Connecticut Area Local; Ed Peralta, San Jose Area Local; Ronald Suslak,
Queens Area Local; Larry Crawford, Dallas Area Local; Danny Pride, Cleveland Area Local;
Anthony Harris, Saint Louis Gateway District Area Local; and Dwight Boudreaux, Detroit District Area Local.