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Correction to Maintenance Jobs Memo In Collective Bargaining Agreement

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05/26/2011 - A correction has been made to the Maintenance Craft Jobs Memorandum of Understanding that appears on page 181 of the 2010-2015 Collective Bargaining Agreement. Click here for a corrected copy of the contract.

The correction is as follows:

Page 181 — Maintenance Craft Jobs MOU — Paragraph c. has revised language. (Shown in bold below.)

c. Any new duty assignments created from insourcing contracted work as described in paragraph 1.b will be posted by Notice of Intent and filled in accordance with Article 38. Current career custodial employees within the District of the vacancy will be permitted to transfer to that vacancy. The residual vacancy resulting from work identified in paragraph 1.b will be filled by the employer and if filled with a PSE will not count against the applicable PSE cap.

Note: Members who would like ready access to this correction as well as to corrections that were previously announced can print out an Errata page. The Errata page lists all corrections made to date, and can be inserted in the printed copy of the agreement that union members received in advance of the vote on ratification of the agreement.