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APWU Web News Article 113-2007

Board of Governors Approves Proposal That PRC Says Could Cost USPS Millions

12/12/2007 - The USPS Board of Governors approved a Negotiated Service Agreement (NSA) on Dec. 11 that had been sharply criticized by the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC).

In a ruling issued Oct. 19, the rate commission concluded that the Postal Service could lose more than $45 million if the proposed agreement with Bank of America were implemented. Despite the potential losses, the PRC decided that the proposal could be justified under the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act.

APWU News Bulletin

PTFs in Large Offices Eliminated as of Dec. 1

New Limits of Numbers of Casuals Also Go Into Effect

11/28/2007 - “Dec. 1, 2007, will be a historic day for postal labor,” APWU President William Burrus declared this week. “It marks the elimination of part-time flexible employment for the Clerk Craft in large offices.

“As the result of contract negotiations, Clerk Craft PTFs will disappear as a job category in every postal installation of 200 work-years or more,” Burrus noted. “This has been a long-standing objective of postal employees, and it has finally been achieved.”

APWU Web News Article 108-2007

Burrus Issues Stinging Rebuke To USPS Inspector General

Audit ‘Lacks Relevance, Ignores Legislative Mandate’ to Bargain

11/27/2007 - APWU President William Burrus slammed the Office of the Inspector General recently, charging that in a September audit report on employee benefit programs the office had inserted itself into the collective bargaining arena.

In a Nov. 16 letter to Inspector General David Williams, Burrus said, “Simply put, your analysis of the cost of postal benefits compared to those of other federal agencies lacks relevance.”

APWU News Bulletin

APWU-Backed Bill Introduced in Congress

Legislation Would Compel USPS to Bargain Over Subcontracting

11/19/2007 - The APWU won a significant victory Nov. 15, with the introduction of a bill that would require the Postal Service to bargain with postal unions before engaging in significant subcontracting. The union has been strenuously advocating such legislation for several months.

APWU Web News Article 105-2007

APWU Installation of Officers

Burrus Issues a Call for Continued Progress

11/13/2007 - Although globalization and breakthrough technology have transformed the workplace, the APWU has enabled the workers it represents to pursue the American Dream without interruption, re-elected union President William Burrus said in an address at inauguration ceremonies in Las Vegas. 

APWU’s top officers, Cliff Guffey and William Burrus, 
congratulate each other after the swearing-in ceremony. 

“Tonight we point with pride to the voluntary career choices of the employees we represent,” Burrus told union members during the Nov. 8 installation ceremony for successful candidates for the union’s national positions. 

APWU Web News Article 103-2007

Burrus Outlines Ambitious Agenda at All-Craft Conference

Union Must Embrace Change, APWU President Declares

11/08/2007 - APWU President William Burrus outlined an ambitious agenda for the union’s future in a speech to the All-Craft Conference on Nov. 7. Urging conference participants to embrace change in a time of challenge, Burrus announced plans to hire five grassroots coordinators to help implement the union’s legislative program, and unveiled plans to better communicate with far-flung union members via the Internet.

“Many unions of the 20th Century did not change” with the times, Burrus said, and their members suffered as a result. “That will not happen to the American Postal Workers Union,” he declared. “We must incorporate change in everything we do — from the processing of grievances, to the representation of members, to the holding of union meetings, to the preparation of our newsletters,” he said.

APWU Web News Article 102-2007

Bill Clinton Tells APWU:

2008 Election Belongs to You

11/06/2007 -

APWU President William Burrus welcome
former U.S. President Bill Clinton to the stage
at the union’s All-Craft Conference.

“Don’t you dare let them take this election away from you,” Bill Clinton told more than 3,000 APWU members in a spirited, wide-ranging speech to the union’s All-Craft Conference Nov. 5 in Las Vegas. 

The former president urged postal workers to help choose leaders who will tackle our biggest problems at home and abroad, and told them we will solve the problems of the 21st Century only when we recognize that “our common humanity is more important than our differences.”

APWU Web News Article 101-2007

President Bill Clinton To Address All-Craft Conference

11/01/2007 - Former President Bill Clinton will speak at the APWU’s All-Craft Conference on Monday, Nov. 5, about the 2008 presidential campaign and the important role working people can play in determining the future direction of our nation.

“We are honored to have President Clinton as our guest at this important meeting of union activists,” said APWU President William Burrus. “We look forward to hearing his unique perspective on the 2008 election.


APWU Web News Article 100-2007

Union Condemns USPS Invitation to ‘Ignore Agreements’

10/31/2007 - APWU President William Burrus has criticized the outcome of a meeting of 700 USPS executives, at which participants were invited to identify the best opportunities for improving postal efficiency. According to a USPS News Link report dated Oct. 18, among the top vote-getters were managing sick leave and overtime, and maximizing the use of non-career employees.

APWU Web News Article 99-2007

Postal Regulatory Commission:

USPS Could Lose Millions in Proposed Deal

10/29/2007 - The Postal Service could lose more than $45 million if a proposed agreement with the Bank of America Corporation is implemented, the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) concluded in early October, but the commission decided nonetheless that the agreement could be justified under the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act.

The APWU opposed the agreement, arguing that USPS predictions of savings were based on obsolete data. Although the commission did not reject the Negotiated Service Agreement (NSA) as the APWU requested, its conclusion echoed arguments and analysis made by the APWU.