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APWU Web News Article 031-2013

APWU Withdraws Subcontracting Lawsuit

Arbitrator’s Ruling Makes Complaint Unnecessary

03/18/2013 - The APWU has withdrawn a lawsuit aimed at stopping the Postal Service from subcontracting all Postal Vehicle Service routes in California until after the union’s grievance on the matter could be heard in arbitration. In response to the suit, the USPS agreed to postpone the subcontracting until after arbitration, which the union won.

APWU Web News Article 131-2012

Hearing Set on Union Request for Injunction On Subcontracting of Motor Vehicle Jobs

10/24/2012 - A hearing has been scheduled for Nov. 9 on the APWU’s request for an injunction to stop the USPS from contracting out all Postal Vehicle Service operations in California. The USPS has notified the union that beginning Nov. 17 it intends to replace postal truck drivers with drivers employed by contractors.