Securing relief from the economic impact of the Coronavirus crisis is part of our work to ensure the health and safety of postal workers and the long-term future of the Postal Service. The Postal Service could run out of money by the end of the Summer. But instead of backing our public Postal Service, the Trump administration is trying to leverage the crisis to sacrifice our public Postal Service at the altar of private profit. It is vital that we put maximum pressure on our Congress members - the people WE elect - to #SaveThePostOffice.

Tell Joe Biden: Save Our Post Office!

Throughout the pandemic, postal workers have courageously and reliably fulfilled their mission to “bind the Nation together.” From vital medicines, to ecommerce and business mail, from distant greetings to holiday gifts, from Census forms to the 65 million mail-in ballots, the Postal Service has proven once again to be an essential service to every person and community across the country.

But those essential services – and hundreds of thousands of good postal jobs – are at risk if we don’t act swiftly.

We urge you to help save our national treasure, the public United States Postal Service. We call on you to quickly fill the four vacancies of the Postal Board of Governors with diverse and community-based members who will build back better the Postal Service, serve our communities and help heal our economy.

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WBUR: USPS Workers Rally For Congressional Aid: 'We Just Honestly Can't Afford To Take Anymore'

WBUR's Here and Now reported on postal workers' concerns about the re-implementation of Postmaster General DeJoy's postal delays ahead of our day of action on November 19, 2020.

From WBUR's Here & Now.

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2 million+ voices to #SaveThePostOffice

Jon "Bowzer" Bauman, Rahna Epting, Executive Director of, President Dimondstein and guests joined together as we delivered more than 2,000,000 signatures to the U.S. Senate to Save The Post Office.

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People who work for the Post Office are making a difference to millions of people every day. Whether you are a postal worker or customer, you are a part of the story of the USPS. It is vital that we tell our part of that story and highlight why we need to #SaveThePostOffice.

Save the Postal Service - Because it's yours!

The Postal Service is in a crisis, caused by the Coronavirus, and Congress needs to act, urgently. Call your Senators and tell them to support stimulus funding for the USPS: 844-402-1001. The Coronavirus shutdown is plummeting postal revenues while increasing costs. The Postal Service could run out of money by the end of the summer and the Trump administration is trying to leverage the crisis to sacrifice our public Postal Service at the altar of private profit.

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The Postal Service is in a crisis, caused by the Coronavirus, and Congress needs to act, urgently.

Our public Post Office needs COVID relief otherwise it could run out of money soon. The danger is even greater as the Postmaster General is renewing his plan to use the crisis to slow down mail/package sorting and delivery. Congress must provide support or people will face drastic service cuts.

Call your Senators urgently. Tell them to support at least $25 billion in stimulus funding for our public Postal Service and no return to PMG DeJoy's mail slowdown. Dial (844) 402-1001 or use this form.


Veterans like Skyleigh deserve better

More than 330,000 veterans receive medications through the mail every day. They deserve better Postmaster General DeJoy's unnecessary and reckless delays to the mail.

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Save the Post Office ad and Danny Glover spot hit the airwaves

Postal workers and the fight to save the Postal Service hit the airwaves in two important new radio spots.

A new radio ad, which focuses on the threat the USPS, was launched today by the American Postal Workers Union. The nationwide ad buy will inlude key states, whose senators will cast crucial votes on postal finances.

Meanwhile, actor and social activist Danny Glover who has long been a supporter of postal workers and members of the American Postal Workers Union has also released a radio public service announcement asking the public to join him in expressing active gratitude for postal workers.


The U.S. Postal Service has long been an important source of decent jobs, particularly for people of color, who make up 40 percent of their workforce. In the current crisis, postal workers are playing a particularly vital role in our nation’s economic and public health as they strain to meet the surge in demand for package deliveries. At the same time, mail volume has plummeted as a result of the crisis. Without emergency relief, the Postal Service is facing a real threat of bankruptcy. This webinar explained why we need to save the Postal Service from this immediate threat — and support innovations like postal banking that will make USPS an even greater public asset for generations to come.

Judy Beard, Legislative and Political Director, American Postal Workers Union

Scott Klinger, Jobs with Justice

Sarah Anderson, Institute for Policy Studies

The public supports stimulus funding

A new nationwide opinion poll shows that the public overwhelmingly supports funding for the U.S. Postal Service in the next stimulus bill to prevent USPS from running out of cash. Postmaster General Megan Brennan has reported to Congress that due to a decline in revenue linked to the pandemic, USPS will run out of money by September, without financial support. The survey, conducted by YouGov on behalf of the American Postal Workers Union (APWU), also indicates that elected leaders who allow USPS to go bankrupt may face a significant backlash from voters.

You can find out more about the study here.