Scholarship Programs

APWU Scholarships

Read the 2021 APWU Scholarship Winners Here. 

The E.C. Hallbeck Memorial Scholarship will award $8000 ($2000 annually) to ten recipients (one male and one female from each of the five postal regions) to apply towards their four-year college tuition. 

Vocational Scholarship winners will receive up to $3,000 for specialized training in such fields as culinary arts, medical or dental assistant, electrician, real estate, auto mechanic, certified IT/computer education, cosmetology, or massage therapy, etc. Eligible programs can be of a nine-month to three-year duration.

Best Essay Award
One “Best Essay” winner is selected from the applicant pool to receive a one-time $2,000 award towards his or her four-year college tuition.

The scholarships are open only to high school seniors.  Applicants may apply for only either Hallbeck or Vocational, not both.

Please note: APWU will be accepting unofficial transcriptions in lieu of official transcripts for the time being.

  • May 31, 2022 is the deadline for the APWU to receive completed applications. 
  • The scholarships are open only to high school seniors.  Applicants may apply for only either Hallbeck or Vocational, not both.

Applicants must be a child, grandchild, stepchild, or legally adopted child of a current, retired, or deceased APWU member. Proof of membership required for deceased members.

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Additional Scholarship Opportunities

Union Plus also sponsors a scholarship program.  The Union Plus Scholarship Program, created by the AFL-CIO, has awarded nearly $2 million to union members and their families who want to begin or continue their post-secondary education at colleges or trade and technical schools. Their awards range from $500 to $4,000.  All applications must be postmarked by January 31, 2020.  For more information, visit

Union Plus also offers a free Scholarship Search, with a database of more than 3,700 scholarships worth over $3.1 billion.

APWU Family Members Awarded 2020 Union Plus Scholarships

Winners Honored for Achievement and Union Values

Union Plus recently awarded $300,000 in scholarships to 215 students representing 43 unions, including five winners representing the American Postal Workers Union (APWU). This year’s group of scholarship recipients includes university, college, and trade or technical school students from 38 states. The APWU winners are:

•    Emilee Breitner of Ida, Michigan. Breitner, whose father, Jeffrey Breitner, is a member of APWU Local 170, has been awarded a $1,000 scholarship.
•    Haylee Buck of Colcord, Oklahoma. Buck, whose mother, Diane Buck, is a member of APWU Local 667, has been awarded a $1,000 scholarship.
•    Summer Heckert of Smithville, Missouri. Heckert, whose father, Michael Heckert, is a member of APWU Local 67, has been awarded a $2,000 scholarship.
•    Rachel Rothman of Longwood, Florida. Rothman, whose father, Reuben Rothman, is a member of APWU Local 1462, has been awarded a $1,000 scholarship.
•    Anabel Varghese of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Varghese, whose mother, Smitha Varghese, is a member of APWU Local 281, has been awarded a $1,500 scholarship.

“Union Plus is proud to be able to increase our scholarship award amount this year and help more union families than ever before,” Union Plus President Mitch Stevens said. “At a time when many families have been financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are especially glad to support this year’s group of 215 hardworking students as they further their educations and pave the path for future success.”


Meet Some of the 2020 APWU Honorees

Emilee Breitner
Monroe County (MI) Community College (MCCC)
Ida High School (IHS) (2019)

Emilee is a secondary education major and this past year was a Writing Fellow and a Regents Scholar as part of MCCC’s Agora Chorale. She began her studies at MCCC while in high school through the dual enrollment/early college program. Her career goal is to teach at the high school level, preferably English. Emilee said she is thankful for the excellent benefits her father gained when he changed jobs a few years ago and joined APWU, including good health coverage and a pension. “This is something he never had before,” Emilee said. “Before, he couldn’t see himself ever coming out of the hole we were in, but now we can all see the light. He has a different attitude toward work now. He sees that there are people that support the hard work he’s putting into his job and rewarding him for that.”

Activities and honors: National Honor Society; National Thespian Society; Tri-M Music Honor Society; IHS student council; IHS drama club; IHS concert band; IHS color guard; 4-H; Girl Scouts of America; math tutor; IHS Symphonic Band Director’s Award 

Volunteerism: various community outreach activities

Haylee Buck
Kansas (OK) High School (KHS) (2020)

Haylee will attend Tulsa Community College as a nursing major. She earned her Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), phlebotomy, and radiology tech certifications before graduating high school. Haylee will leverage her CNA certification to help pay for college and plans to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). Her mother has been an APWU member since 2009, and Haylee is grateful for the benefits afforded by that membership. When her mother’s employer threatened a transfer that would have created a hardship for the family, the APWU steward filed a grievance that saved her mother’s job. “I’m thankful to the union for fighting for the rights of the employees, for making sure they are treated fairly, and for making sure the working conditions are safe,” Haylee said.

Activities and honors: National Technical Honor Society (NTHS); Oklahoma High School Honor Society; Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA); HOSA–Future Health Professionals; KHS student council; KHS varsity basketball, golf, track; Fellowship of Christian Athletes; NTHS Outstanding Character and Achievement Award

Volunteerism: Special Olympics

Summer Heckert
Smithville (MO) High School (SHS) (2020)

Summer will attend the University of Arkansas as a psychology major. She hopes to help treat as well as improve the understanding of mental, emotional, and behavioral health disorders, especially in rural areas. Summer completed more than 40 college credits while in high school through AP courses and summer classes at Metropolitan Community College, significantly reducing the time and expense needed to complete her bachelor’s degree. SHS mathematics teacher Justin Corcoran witnessed Summer excel in the classroom and be an example for her fellow students. “Summer’s drive for success was unparalleled in my classes, and her peers would often be inspired to duplicate her work ethic,” Corcoran said. “Furthermore, her overall level of moral character rivals that of almost any student I have met during my teaching career.”

Activities and honors: Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD); SHS Interact Club; SHS varsity swim; gymnastics club; AP Scholar Award; SHS Academic Excellence Award

Volunteerism: Smithville Living Center; Harvesters; community outreach events

Rachel Rothman
Lyman High School (LHS), Longwood, Florida (2020)

Rachel will attend Seminole State College of Florida as a veterinary studies major with plans to transfer to the University of Florida and eventually earn a doctorate in veterinary science. She found her career path through volunteering at Seminole County Animal Services and later working at Longwood Veterinary Clinic. Rachel will be a first-generation college student. Her father joined APWU seven years ago and became a steward three years ago. Rachel said her father believes a strong union benefits the community, and that he has worked for numerous positive changes to the work environment at his branch of the United States Postal Service. “His role in APWU is to give people who aren’t being heard voices,” Rachel said. “He advocates for fair and equal treatment for everybody. My family is very proud of the work he has done.”

Activities and honors: DECA; LHS Pet Care Club; LHS Greyhound Buddy; LHS Rowing Association; Florida Medallion Bright Futures Scholarship

Volunteerism: Seminole County Animal Services