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New Search 4.0 Users’ Guide Available

(03/26/12) A Users’ Guide for the new APWU Search arbitration database has been published and is available for download. The APWU Search 4.0 Users’ Guide [PDF] is a comprehensive guide to the latest version of Search. It includes chapters on Getting Started with the New Search; the New APWU Search Interface; Constructing a Boolean Search; Advanced Searching with Segments and Date Restrictions, and Viewing and Navigating Search Results. Topics covered include the new Director’s Pick feature, how to search within a results set, the new keyword in context (KWIC) feature, and more. The Users’ Guide can be downloaded as a PDF and printed or read on your computer. Hard copies of the Users’ Guide can also be ordered from the APWU Store online or by calling 1- 800-789-0072. The first copy is no charge; additional copies are $3.00 each, plus shipping and tax.

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New APWU Search Online Now

(10/25/11) A new version of Search, the APWU’s online database of arbitration awards, Step 4 settlements, USPS handbooks, and CBRs, is now live at the above link. The new APWU Search has a revised look and many new features.

If you were proficient with the old Search, you can use those same skills on the new version. But, if you had difficulty using the old Search, some of the new features will make this version much easier to use. For example, the new “Director’s Picks” feature puts an end to the need for constructing a search using logical connectors (AND, OR, etc). Director’s Picks are organized by contract article and topic, so you can find relevant cases by selecting from an easy-to-use set of drop-down lists. Other new features, such as “Keyword in Context” and “Search Within Results,” also makes it easier to quickly identify cases that are on point.

Otherwise, you can jump right in with the APWU Search (version 4.0) Quick Start Guide [PDF].

Users of the previous version of Search were notified earlier this year that new IDs and passwords would be needed to access the new Search. Locals who responded to the notification should have received new User IDs and passwords already. If you need an ID and password for the new Search, please contact the Industrial Relations Department at 202-842-4273. The previous version of Search, using existing IDs and passwords, will remain available through the end of this year, however it is no longer being updated. After Dec. 31, 2011, any user who wishes to access Search will be required to use the new version.

APWU Search is the single most comprehensive source of information for stewards and officers researching grievance issues. Over 300 locals and state organizations, and nearly 3,600 individuals, have already signed up to use the new Search program.

To access APWU Search, you must be a designated APWU representative authorized by your local president. Local presidents must submit a Search registration form [PDF] requesting access for each authorized user. Once the registration form is processed, a user receives a Search ID and password.

Support for APWU Search is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week from Lexis-Nexis Customer Service. To contact customer service call 1-800-543-6862 and then choose from the following options:

  • Option 1 for Searching help
  • Option 3 for Technical Troubleshooting
  • Option 4 for trouble with your ID or Password

Non-technical help for APWU Search is also available from the Industrial Relations Department at 202-842-4273.

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