Stop Staples!
Union Members Gear Up
For April 24 Day of Action
NEtwork Consolidation (04/16/14) APWU members are busy making plans for events at more than 50 Staples stores in 27 states on Thursday, April 24, to protest the sweetheart deal between the USPS and the office-supply chain. “We must win this fight,” said union President Mark Dimondstein, “and we can win it — but only if the members of the American Postal Workers Union are engaged and involved in the struggle." [full story]

Dimondstein on Craig Melvin Show, Saturday
(04/18/14) APWU President Mark Dimondstein will appear on Craig Melvin show on MSNBC on Saturday, April 19, at 3 p.m. EDT, where he will discuss the campaign to Stop Staples and the National Day of Action on April 24.
[full story]

Dimondstein Sets Record Straight on the Ed Show
(04/17/14) APWU President Mark Dimondstein told viewers of the Ed Show on MSNBC last night that the Postal Service’s internal “smoking gun” document shows that the deal with Staples was hatched to lower wages.  And postal customers who patronize Staples will be served by employees who are not fully trained and not accountable to the people, he pointed out. [full story]

Postal Unions Write to
House Committee Leaders
(04/16/14) The presidents of the four postal unions have written to leaders of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee expressing opposition to White House 2015 budget proposals regarding the Postal Service. In the letter, the presidents noted that Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) indicated at an April 8 hearing that the committee would seek to consider a new postal bill based on the administration’s proposals. [full story]

From New York
To California, APWU
Saying ‘No' to Staples
(04/15/14) Gearing up for the April 24 National Day of Action, APWU state and local organizations held demonstrations at Staples stores in several states in recent days. Across the country, union members were protesting the sweetheart deal between the USPS and Staples that set up postal “counters” in the office-supply stores staffed by low-wage Staples employees — rather than employees of the United States Postal Service. [full story]

Video Highlights Chicago
'Stop Staples' Protest
(04/15/14) A three-minute APWU video highlights the union’s April 5 demonstration at a Staples store near Chicago to protest a no-bid deal between the company and the U.S. Postal Service that staffs “postal” counters in Staples stores with non-postal employees. [full story]

Locations for April 24
Protests to ‘Stop Staples’ 
(04/08/14) APWU local leaders are hard at work organizing protests for the APWU’s National Day of Action on April 24 at Staples Stores around the country. Union members and supporters will oppose a sweetheart deal between the office-supply retail chain and the Postal Service. [full story]

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The Great Postal Giveaway:
USPS Sends Jobs, Work
To Staples

NEtwork Consolidation

[Updated 04/16/14]
News about the union’s campaign to stop the privatization of postal retail operations at Staples stores.

Fixing USPS Finances

Support S. 316 and H.R. 630 - Contact Congress Today! [Updated 04/16/14]
News about important legislation to provide financial stability to the Postal Service.

Support S. 316 and H.R. 630
Contact Congress Today!

P&DC Consolidation
NEtwork Consolidation

[Updated 02/26/14]
News about USPS plans to consolidate P&DC operations.
(List of targeted facilities updated 04/15/14)

Make it a Matter of Record
Tell the PRC About Delayed Mail

The vice president is asking that you notify her office of any activities your local is planning to protest plant consolidation and closures, including rallies, congressional visits and letter-writing campaigns. And please send photos!

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