Grievance Forms

New APWU 'Fillable' Grievance Forms

(Forms updated 05/31/12) You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to fully utilize the "data entry" features of these forms. You can obtain the Acrobat Reader for free at 

Download these forms to a folder on your hard drive. Save each form as a Template to allow you to use it again. You can pre-fill part of the form in advance. 

Step 1 Grievance Outline Worksheet [PDF] 

Step 2 Grievance Appeal form [PDF] (two pages) 

Step 3 Grievance Appeal form [PDF]

Appeal to Arbitration from Step 2 form [PDF]

Appeal to Joint Safety Committee form [PDF] 

Grievant or Witness Statement form [PDF] (two pages) 

Request for Information form [PDF]

APWU ADRP Appeal form [PDF]

RI-399 Dispute Resolution

These fillable forms have been designed so that you can type information directly into the appropriate data fields and then print a form or attach it to be sent via e-mail. The forms' data entry fields may be selected by clicking with a mouse in the appropriate field on the form. You can also save the form. Choose File (on the Acrobat Toolbar) and “Save As” if you wish to save the completed form. 

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