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APWU Web News Article 161-2016

Summary and Highlights from Interest Arbitration Award

07/08/2016 - (This article first appeared in the July-August issue of The American Postal Worker Magazine)

With the decision of the interest arbitration panel of July 8, 2016, we have a new Collective Bargaining Agreement between the American Postal Workers Union and the United States Postal Service that covers the wages, hours and working conditions of 200,000 postal employees. The contract covers a 40-month period from May 21, 2015 through September 20, 2018.

APWU Web News Article 140-2016

Arbitration Award Announced!

We Have a New Union Contract!

07/08/2016 - The big news is in – 200,000 postal workers represented by the APWU have a new union contract!

On July 8th, Arbitrator Stephen Goldberg issued his arbitration award that sets the wages, hours and conditions of employment in our new union contract.  This award concluded a two-year struggle for “Good Service, Good Jobs, Good Contract” that included contract negotiations, mediation, arbitration hearings – and solidarity actions on work floors and in communities around the country.

Full Speed Ahead

07/08/2016 - (This article first appeared in the July-August issue of The American Postal Worker Magazine)

With half of 2016 gone, we have concluded our national contract negotiations, mediations and interest arbitration and you should be reviewing the arbitrator’s award.

APWU News Bulletin

Ron Sargent Out as Staples CEO

Departure ‘An Opportunity,’ APWU Says

06/03/2016 - The APWU welcomed the news that Ron Sargent will step down as Staples’ CEO at the company’s annual meeting on June 14.  

The decision follows Staples’ failed attempt to merge with Office Depot, a strategy Sargent championed. “The company was weakened by the failure and it ended Sargent’s tenure,” President Mark Dimondstein said.

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APWU Web News Article 99-2016

PSEs’ Hardships and Indignities

05/01/2016 -

Nations’ Capital/Southern Maryland Area Local President Dena Briscoe, Lakeram Singh, Donica Collie, President Mark Dimondstein, Richard Ogoh, and Jody Harper.

Nine Postal Support Employees presented emotional testimony on March 10 before a panel of arbitrators – who will decide the terms of the union’s next contract – describing the struggles they face and the indignities they experience.