Contract Campaign / Negotiations

News about the fight to win a good contract and a vibrant, public Postal Service.

Contract Campaign / Negotiations

News about the fight to win a good contract and a vibrant, public Postal Service.

'Stop Staples!'

News about the union’s campaign to stop the privatization of postal retail operations at Staples stores.

Plant Closures & Service Cuts

The latest news on USPS plant consolidations and post office service cuts.

Postal Reform Legislation

APWU is on the front lines of the legislative battle to preserve the Postal Service as a public service for the American People.

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Latest News

APWU Web News Article 172-2015

Gear Up for Gear Day

Need ideas to boost participation? Try these on for size.

08/28/2015 -

Whether it’s with a T-Shirt, button or armband, wearing our solidarity on our sleeve sends a message to management that we’re united. Below are some suggestions that could help increase involvement:

APWU Web News Article 169-2015

APWU, Grand Alliance Urge House Members To Co-Sponsor Resolutions to Protect Mail Service

08/26/2015 - The APWU joined more than 50 member organizations of A Grand Alliance to Save Our Public Postal Service last month to urge members of the U.S. House of Representatives to co-sponsor two bipartisan resolutions to restore mail service standards and protect six-day mail delivery.

APWU Web News Article 168-2015

On Labor Day, Take Time to Reflect...

08/26/2015 - As people across the country make plans for Labor Day, more than 200,000 postal workers are fighting for a good contract and good service for postal customers – more than three months after the APWU’s collective bargaining agreement with the U.S. Postal Service expired.

President Mark Dimondstein is encouraging union members to participate in Labor Day events and to take our message to the people: “As we march in Labor Day parades this year, I urge APWU members to spread the word about our fight – by distributing flyersbrochures and balloons, and gathering signatures on postcards that declare, ‘I Stand with Postal Workers."

APWU Web News Article 166-2015

Big Enough to Win!

08/21/2015 -

President Dimondstein addressing the AFGE

APWU President Mark Dimondstein addressed the convention of the American Federation of Government Employees on Aug. 17, and – echoing convention’s theme – asked, “Is it true that AFGE is becoming Big Enough to Win?” The response was a resounding “Yes.”

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Current Issues

Contract Campaign / Negotiations 2015

The APWU is gearing up for a major battle: The fight to win a good contract for our members, while we fight for a vibrant, public Postal Service for the people of the country. Negotiations are set to begin on Feb. 19, three months before the current Collective Bargaining Agreement expires on May 20.

Updated 09/01/2015

A Grand Alliance to Save Our Public Postal Service

More than 70 national organizations have joined forces with APWU to launch A Grand Alliance to Save Our Public Postal Service.  
Follow them on Facebook: and Twitter @AGrandAlliance

Updated 08/26/2015

Fighting Consolidation

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USPS efforts to cut the nation’s mail processing network persists, but the union is fighting back.

Updated 08/27/2015

Fighting Privatization

Many on Wall Street and in Congress are eager to dismantle the Postal Service so they can turn over the profitable pieces to their cronies in private industry. And they are willing to undermine universal service to the American people to make it happen.

Updated 07/20/2015

Post Office Closures

The closure of post offices and shorter hours weaken service and threaten the future of our beloved national treasure. Across the country, the people are fighting back!

Updated 07/01/2015

Postal Banking

The USPS is well positioned to provide basic financial services to those whose needs are unmet by the traditional financial sector.

Updated 07/01/2015

Postal Legislation

Legislation that preserves the USPS as a public service for the American people is an over-arching goal of the APWU.

Updated 08/27/2015

Stop Delaying America's Mail!

Postal workers and customers across the country have a message for the Postmaster General and the USPS Board of Governors: Stop Delaying America's Mail! 

Updated 08/27/2015

Stop Staples!

The APWU is fighting to stop a shady deal between the USPS and Staples, which jeopardizes mail service and local post offices – along with thousands of living-wage jobs.

Updated 08/18/2015