Contract Campaign / Negotiations

News about the fight to win a good contract and a vibrant, public Postal Service.

Contract Campaign / Negotiations

News about the fight to win a good contract and a vibrant, public Postal Service.

Plant Closures & Service Cuts

The latest news on USPS plant consolidations and post office service cuts.

Postal Reform Legislation

APWU is on the front lines of the legislative battle to preserve the Postal Service as a public service for the American People.

'Stop Staples!'

News about the union’s campaign to stop the privatization of postal retail operations at Staples stores.

Safe Jobs

A safe workplace must be the right of every worker!  

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Latest News

APWU Web News Article 209-2016

Tell Congress: Stop the Secret Trade Deal

09/14/2016 -

Convention delegates protest the TPP 

Today is the National Call-In Day to stop a vote on the TPP (the Trans-Pacific Partnership) in the “lame duck” session of Congress that follows the election.

Please ask your representative to take a stand against this disastrous trade deal, which was negotiated behind closed doors. In fact, the TPP has very little to do with trade between nations – It’s about increasing the power of multinational corporations to dictate our future, and taking away the rights of workers and others to advocate for a better quality of life. The TPP would kill jobs, weaken workers’ rights at home and abroad, and harm the environment.

Use this link or use this number: 1-855-856-7545. Calling your representative is quick and easy. And it REALLY makes a difference. (If no one answers, you can leave a message.)

APWU Web News Article 208-2016

Hundreds Protest Dakota Access Pipeline

09/14/2016 -

APWU officers and staff were among hundreds protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline outside the White House on Sept. 13. The pipeline would carry crude-oil across four states from North Dakota to Illinois – passing through sacred Native American sites and under the Missouri River, the water supply of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation. For the past month, thousands of protesters, including Native Americans from more than 100 tribes have protested the $3.78 billion construction project. Protesters want to halt the project. 

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Current Issues

Contract Campaign / Negotiations 2015

The APWU is in the midst of a major battle: The fight to win a good contract for our members, while we fight for a vibrant, public Postal Service for the people of the country. 

Updated 08/23/2016

A Grand Alliance to Save Our Public Postal Service

More than 70 national organizations have joined forces with APWU to launch A Grand Alliance to Save Our Public Postal Service.  

Updated 09/15/2016

Fighting Consolidation

USPS efforts to cut the nation’s mail processing network persists, but the union is fighting back.

Updated 08/04/2016

Fighting Privatization

Privatizers on Wall Street and in Congress are eager to defund and dismantle the Postal Service so they can turn over the profitable pieces to their cronies in private industry, undermining universal service to the American people.

Updated 09/14/2016

Post Office Closures

Across the country, the people are fighting back against the closure of post offices and shorter hours of operation, which weaken service and threaten the future of our beloved national treasure.

Updated 07/01/2015

Postal Banking

The USPS is well positioned to provide basic financial services to those whose needs are unmet by the traditional financial sector.

Updated 09/01/2016

Postal Legislation

Legislation that preserves the USPS as a public service for the American people is an over-arching goal of the APWU.

Updated 07/20/2016

Stop Delaying America's Mail!

Postal workers and customers across the country have a message for the Postmaster General and the USPS Board of Governors: Stop Delaying America's Mail! 

Updated 07/05/2016

Stop Staples!

The APWU is fighting to stop a shady deal between the USPS and Staples, which jeopardizes mail service and local post offices – along with thousands of living-wage jobs.

Updated 09/15/2016