COLA For Employees Covered by the National Agreement

COLA for Employees Covered by the National Agreement 


In April, the third month of the six-month adjustment period for the second COLA under the 2021 Agreement, the CPI-W Unadjusted Index (1967=100) rose to 847.663; an increase over the January 2022 index point upon which employees received the last COLA.

If the adjustment was made based on the April 2022 Index, the adjustment would be:


Monthly Tracking 


Per Annum 


Per Pay Period 


Cents Per Hour 



However, the second COLA under the 2021 National Agreement will be based on the July 2022 Index, and would be effective August 27, 2022 (pay period 19-2022, pay date September 16, 2022).  

Under the 2021 National Agreement, employees accrued the following adjustments totaling $1,310.00: 



Effective Date 

Pay Period 

Pay Date 


February 26, 2022 


March 18, 2022