COLA For Employees Covered by the National Agreement

In May, the fourth month of the six-month adjustment period for the second COLA under the 2021 Agreement, the CPI-W Unadjusted Index (1967=100) rose to 857.929; an increase over the January 2022 index point upon which employees received the last COLA.

If the adjustment was made based on the May 2022 Index, the adjustment would be:

Monthly Tracking Amount
Per Annum $1,810.00
Per Pay Period $69.60
Cents Per Hour  $0.87

However, the second COLA under the 2021 National Agreement will be based on the July 2022 Index, and would be effective August 27, 2022 (pay period 19-2022, pay date September 16, 2022).  

Under the 2021 National Agreement, employees accrued the following adjustments totaling $1,310.00:

# Amount Effective Date Pay Period Pay Date
1 $1,310.00 February 26, 2022 06-2022 March 18, 2022