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A Grand Alliance Takes on New York City Postal Cuts

01/01/2018 - (This article first appeared in the January-February 2018 issue of the American Postal Worker magazine) 

For too many years, in response to pressure from Congress, the Postal Service has slowed mail service, closed community-based post offices and mail processing facilities, slashed hours of operations, tried to end six-day and door-to-door delivery service, and eliminated hundreds of thousands of living-wage jobs.

Let's Build The Grand Alliance

Field Hearings Demonstrate Broad Public Support

11/01/2017 - (This article first appeared in the November-December 2017 issue of the American Postal Worker magazine)

"Save and enhance the U.S. Postal Service” was the overwhelming spirit of the community field hearings held around the country by A Grand Alliance to Save Our Public Postal Service. A wide range of speakers reaffirmed the need for a public postal system and rejected privatization, while recognizing that changes must be undertaken to bring the USPS fully into the 21st century.

A Grand Alliance

Thinking Outside the Box: Bargaining for the Common Good

09/01/2017 - (This article first appeared in the Sept-Oct 2017 issue of the American Postal Worker magazine) 

Activists at a Fix L.A. Coalition rally.

All over the country, public sector unions and their community allies are beginning to think outside the box when it comes to collective bargaining. The new strategy, called Bargaining for the Common Good, seeks to forge coalitions that can use the leverage of collective bargaining to benefit the broader community. Furthermore, community involvement puts more pressure on the employer to act on the shared demands.

APWU Web News Article 82-2017

Unions Improve the Lives of All Working People

Truth Exposed in New Report by the Economic Policy Institute

08/31/2017 - Postal workers know first-hand that union jobs are good jobs. Unions help workers join together and bargain with their employer for better wages, benefits and working conditions. However, unions also stand up for the rights of workers who are not currently in a union. They are a rising tide that lifts all boats. 

APWU Web News Article 62-2017

APWU and Mail Handlers Union Send a United Message to PMG Brennan Denouncing “Wholesale and Massive Job Cuts”

06/22/2017 - On June 21, the APWU and National Postal Mail Handlers Union (NPMHU) sent a joint letter to Postmaster General Megan Brennan chastising her administration’s “wholesale and massive job cuts.” APWU President Mark Dimondstein and NPMHU President Paul Hogrogian explained, “The cutting of an already skeletal workforce will not only cause massive disruption to the workforce but will cause further degradation of postal services for the American people throughout the country.”