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A Grand Alliance

Thinking Outside the Box: Bargaining for the Common Good

09/01/2017 - (This article first appeared in the Sept-Oct 2017 issue of the American Postal Worker magazine) 

Activists at a Fix L.A. Coalition rally.

All over the country, public sector unions and their community allies are beginning to think outside the box when it comes to collective bargaining. The new strategy, called Bargaining for the Common Good, seeks to forge coalitions that can use the leverage of collective bargaining to benefit the broader community. Furthermore, community involvement puts more pressure on the employer to act on the shared demands.

APWU Web News Article 62-2017

APWU and Mail Handlers Union Send a United Message to PMG Brennan Denouncing “Wholesale and Massive Job Cuts”

06/22/2017 - On June 21, the APWU and National Postal Mail Handlers Union (NPMHU) sent a joint letter to Postmaster General Megan Brennan chastising her administration’s “wholesale and massive job cuts.” APWU President Mark Dimondstein and NPMHU President Paul Hogrogian explained, “The cutting of an already skeletal workforce will not only cause massive disruption to the workforce but will cause further degradation of postal services for the American people throughout the country.” 

A Grand Alliance to Save Our Public Postal Service

Washington Post Gets It Wrong

05/01/2017 - (This article first appeared in the May-June 2017 issue of The American Postal Worker magazine.)

In a Feb. 13, 2017 opinion piece,  “The Postal Service needs more than a Band-Aid,” The Washington Post editorial board issued a troubling public stance on postal reform.

A Grand Alliance to Save Our Public Postal Service

Pro-Privatization Groups Continue Attacks on Public Postal Service

03/01/2017 - (This article first appeared in the March-April 2017 issue of The American Postal Worker magazine.)

Like clockwork, when USPS finances are announced each quarter headline after headline claim the Postal Service is irrelevant, in financial trouble or a monopoly that needs breaking up. These critics compare the USPS financial situation to the sinking of the Titanic. They say the USPS should remember its core mission is to deliver the mail, not expand services. They also say the USPS needs business-savvy leaders on its Board of Governors.

A Grand Alliance Goes to Farm Aid

01/01/2017 -

AGA advocates speaking with Farm Aid concertgoers. 
Over one hundred attendees signed the pledge to 
‘Save our Public Postal Service.’ 
Sign the pledge today at

(This article first appeared in the January-February 2017 issue of The American Postal Worker magazine.)

A Grand Alliance to Save Our Public Postal Service (AGA) was part of Farm Aid 2016’s HOMEGROWN Village. The AGA booth demonstrated the importance of maintaining a public Postal Service that connects Americans at every income level in cities, towns and villages across America, including rural areas with few other communication options. 

Ask Me About A Grand Alliance!

11/01/2016 -

Courtney Jenkins and Sherry McKnight (Baltimore Local), Nora Taggart and Kevin Walsh (New York Local).

(This article first appeared in the November-December 2016 issue of The American Postal Worker magazine.)

President Mark Dimondstein reported to delegates in his State of the Union speech at the union’s National Convention in August that A Grand Alliance “is now a reality and consists of more than 140 organizations, including 80 national labor, faith-based, community, environmental and civil rights organizations…

APWU Web News Article 234-2016

APWU Organizing Victory!

10/28/2016 -

Gloria Gonzalez (left) and her co-worker proudly display
their APWU membership cards. 

The American Postal Workers Union (APWU) is celebrating an organizing victory! Workers at the Mail Transport Equipment Service Center (MTESC) located in Urbandale, Iowa, voted to join the Des Moines Area Local. The MTESCs are run by postal subcontractors, servicing the sorting and palletizing of mail trays, bags and other equipment. The favorable vote was over a two-to-one margin of 18-8. 


A Grand Alliance to Save Our Public Postal Service

Keep the U.S. Postal Service Public!

09/15/2016 - (This article first appeared in the September-October 2016 issue of The American Postal Worker magazine)

From Baltimore, New York, and San Jose to Cleveland and Greensboro, community leaders, activists and postal customers came together at field hearings sponsored by A Grand Alliance to Save Our Public Postal Service (AGA) to examine postal issues that are important to the public. 

APWU Web News Article 198-2016

Willie Nelson Featured in New ‘Grand Alliance’ Video

In a heartwarming two-minute video, Willie Nelson, the iconic musician and founder of Farm Aid, shares his personal connection to the Postal Service and calls on viewers to join A Grand Alliance to Save Our Public Postal Service.

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